Erectile Complications and How the Bluechew Works

Erectile Complications and How the Bluechew Works

Since the Viagra patent expired in 2020 new ED medications have become available, one of these is Bluechew.  Unlike Viagra’s sildenafil medication, bluechew is chewable, and available as a monthly subscription service.  The prescription is given from an online doctor, and no trips to a clinic are needed.  According to the bluechew review, Bluechew is also headquartered and manufactured entirely in the USA.

When Should You Take an ED Medication like Bluechew

The cause of erectile dysfunction, AKA ‘limber timber’, ‘a sleepy john’, or ‘wangfail’, can be complicated and strike any man at any age.   It might be related to stress from your career, life choices such as smoking, aging, or just by being with someone new you’re not comfortable with.

Symptoms of ED include irregular libido, difficulty in reaching climax or cannot get or maintain an erection. If ED is affecting a man’s sexual performance, it hinders other aspects of his life. The best option is to turn to medication to treat symptoms. Luckily, ED medication is available after a visit to the doctor. These particular drugs help the user and his partner enjoy amazing sex one pill at a time.

Bluechew’s Claim to Fame: Chewable Viagra

BlueChew is the only chewable erectile dysfunction medication.

You may be wondering how men might benefit from chewable ED tablets in the first place.  Here’s a few of its perks of chewables over pills:

They taste better.  Bluechew has sugar and flavoring and tastes more like a candy than a pill.

You can take them without water, which can be handy if sex is spontaneous.

Most importantly, it starts working faster.  Since it enters your stomach as a chewed up powder, it doesn’t take time to disolve in your stomach.  Viagra in pill for takes 30-40 minutes to work, but bluechew can start alleviating ED symptoms in as fast as 15 minutes.

You can also take bluechew like a pill and swallow it whole.  Some men choose to do this if they don’t like the taste, or if they want their bluechew to kick in at a slower rate.